a spring | summer album

Blossom City

"These days I take it slowly, I'm not rushing to finish. I spend time to smell the roses then get back to my business."

"Ambition is journey not meant for the weak-hearted, and the hardest part of trying is knowing when to get started."

"Never trust rewards before you've been tested, I promise the best wins come after being rejected. "

"Resilience is a virtue we should work to attain and happiness should be defined by all the lives that we change."

"When the journey gets weary and not what it seems, think of the people you'll inspire to dream."

a winter album

Sweet December

"Play the cards that you're dealt and hold off from excuses. If you know your direction then you know what your truth is."

"Appreciate the moments, we're not promised so many. Pure friendships and vibes keep the heart beating heavy."

"Live with passion and heart, and keep your mind state steady. Beacuse the answers you seek only come when you're ready."