Belleme Backstage is a video series hosted by Belleme Founder, Alain Ctyles and CEO, Yevgeni Kaniayev that provides a space for creatives and other rising stars to share their journey, what inspires them, challenges they’ve overcome, and any upcoming projects they're working on.

Episode 2: Dezmond Dane

Episode 2 of #bellemebackstage features an upcoming rapper by the name of Dezmond Dane and his journey with music. From his inspirations in the industry to the foundation supporting his passion, Dezmond details his artistry and his outlook for 2024.

Episode 1: Vince Grier

Our debut episode of #bellemebackstage features a very personal sit-down interview with Vince Grier, brother of the late Erik Grier who was an integral member of the Belleme team. Vince shares his experience with processing grief and creating his own lane within the brand.