Isabelle Marseille

Welcome to Belleme, where premium style meets the rhythm of life. Echoing a vintage vibe from the late 80s and 90s, our garments are reimagined with a modern twist, weaving streetwear elements into our own unique tapestry of cut and sewn patterns. Each piece, akin to a verse in a larger narrative, tells stories through lyrics and design, inviting you to embrace your journey. Our mission transcends fashion, empowering individuals to find peace within and make the world a better place through storytelling and reflection.


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We refer to our "collections" as albums because we use lyrics to illustrate a cohesive theme within a collection -- where each piece is part of the same story.

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Utilizes a neutral color palette combined with a minimalistic design for every day wear.

From the people
Love the shirt! The quality is insane! I wear Fear of God Essentials and Belleme quality, I love more! Definitely buying more!
— Walter C.
This is one of my favorite hoodies ever! The fabric's so soft and I can't say enough good stuff about this brand!
— A.A
99% of brands can't find the right combination of style and comfort, but Belleme definitely falls in the 1% for me!
— Haroon